5 Methods That Turn Real Estate Listings Into Closings

1. Have a Strong MLS Description

Most leads will find your listing through the MLS so it’s vital that you create a description that pops! Paint a picture with your words to keep the reader engaged. Make sure to use photos that focus on the unique characteristics of the home.

2. Treat Your High Priority Listings as a High Priority

Whether it be your website or Facebook, make sure to pin your high priority listings to the top of the page or your home page. Leads may only see this part, make sure to capitalize on this by featuring your top listings here.

3. Network, Network, Network

This seems like it should go without saying, but often gets forgotten, or at least, not utilized. Make sure that you let everybody know of the perks of your new listing. Get to know Realtors outside of your office who might have the perfect client for your listing.

4. Use an Eye-Catching Video

A walk through video can be a real deal maker. Video tours allow you more creativity to feature more depth and a feel to the layout of the home while also allowing for sound and music to provoke emotions from the lead. Video tours can be quite a task with shooting and editing, make sure to hire a photographer who offers video or a videographer as this can be time consuming. Considering roughly only a quarter or listing offer video tours, this could be a valuable asset to sell your premium listings.

5. Use a Professional Photographer - Web Appeal is the NEW Curb Appeal

Listing photos should be of the highest priority and an investment you should not second guess. This is the first representation of the home any potential leads will see and you will want to make a big impression. Don’t skimp on your photos, leads will notice. Use a professional photographer who’s familiar with Real Estate photography; they are proficient with editing and will work with you to achieve the look you want. When available use these photos on your website and social media to drum up more leads and maximize your investment.


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